BETsMA 2.0

BETsMA is a friendly software for the preliminary design and analysis of missions by using electrodynamic tethers. The software has two modules. The Optimization Module implements the π-algorithm and can be used to find the optimal tether length, width and thickness for a given mission (spacecraft mass and elements of the initial orbit). The Simulation Module computes, for a given tether geometry, the orbital maneuver and provides key quantities like the temporal evolution of the orbital elements, average and maximum electric current, tether temperature and forces, etc.

BETsMA v1.0 was developed under the European Commission FP7 Space Project Propellantless deorbiting of Space Debris by bare electrodynamic tethers (BETs, 262972). Its physical models, performance, and result analysis have been upgraded in BETsMA v2.0, which can also simulate low Work-function tethers with different type of cross-sections, tether attitude dynamics, thermal analysis, and contain many others new capabilities. BETsMA v2.0 has been developed, and will be improved within the next few years, under the European Commission H2020 FET Open project Electrodynamic Tether Technology for Passive Consumable-less Deorbit Kit (E.T.PACK, 828902).

This website provides and online access to a simplified version of BETsMA v2.0. It can be used to carry out simulations of missions by using electrodynamic tethers. Its main goal is giving access to a friendly tool for exploring the possibilities of this technology. The software has been cross-checked with two others tether flight simulators developed by independent groups in Europe. The Optimization Module and some capabilities of the Simulation Module are not accessible through this website.

BETsMA is targeted to researchers, industry, and space agencies. In order to maintain the software and make an appropriate use of it, an access code is necessary to submit simulations. The following procedure has been established for interested users:

  1. Get an access code:
  2. a) Complete this FORM.
    b) BETsMA team will contact you to find an agreement on the terms of use and provide the access code.

  3. Use BETsMa v2.0
  4. a) Use the application to configure and submit your simulations.
    b) Once the simulations are finished, you will receive the results by email.

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